Hello there!! We are the Morales Orellana family; we are blessed with one beautiful daughter. We were both born in El Salvador but met here, and the rest is history.

I, Yenci, graduated with a certificate in Culinary Arts five years ago. Currently, I am going to UCDAVIS with a major in Political Science and Technological Management; yes, you heard right! Political Science! I love baking and politics. 

When my daughter was born, six weeks later, she suffered from a bacteria on her brain, causing her seizures. Because of the events happening, we decided it was best for me to stay at home 24/7 with her. This pushed me to find ways to help my husband with income. So why not doing something I love!!! I started to offer 2 flavor jello cakes, Mosaico, and fresas con crema, and then we kept adding things to the menu! 

I'm currently back to work, study full time, and have this awesome small business, and I couldn't be more blessed. I want to show every Hispanic woman that it is possible, this country is full of possibilities, and with God's help, we can do it. We, as a family, can't wait to see what God has prepared for us. 

God bless you!