Why "Sweet Jelly Desserts"

I have never take my time to explain why I choose the name "Sweet Jelly"

My Daughter's name is Aleah Grace. Her name has a beautiful meaning but more on that later. My entire family speaks Spanish and when they hear the name "Aleah" they start calling her "Jalea" and this means "Jelly" in English. So we start calling her Jelly when she was born.

I think by this point you already know where I am going with this....

When I had to choose I name I we cake up with "Sweet Jelly" in Spanish meaning "Dulce Jalea." A lot of people think that I named it "Sweet Jelly" because I started selling Jello cakes and this was not related.

My Daughter is my main inspiration for everything, and she had to be part of this big decision. Here is a picture of her, so you can meet her!

Did you ever expected this significant meaning behind our name?

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